Silent disco headphones rental

Silent disco at your next event

Do you want to organise a silent disco for an amazing party, drinks with your colleagues or as a quiet area at your festival / event? With us, you can choose from among four different options. Do you only want the equipment, to be portable or everything to be completely arranged by us? Connect the transmitter to a smartphone, tablet or laptop, or maybe have grand modifications with LED screens and two DJs at the same time. Just let us know. We will gladly think along with you!

Rent only the equipment
You receive the necessary equipment via PostNL 1-2 days prior to the date of the booking.

Complete with all-around DJ 
A compact set or select an extended set-up. With two DJs simultaneously, for example, a great light show or LED screens.

The equipment in a backpack
A portable version! A person carries the backpack with the transmitter and you can walk around with the listeners.

Music on wheels
A Silent DJ with a converted stroller. Nice for a pub crawl, guided tour or creative stunt.

Rent the Silence disco equipment

You receive the headphones by post some days before the date of the booking for the event. Enough time to be able to test everything. The installation is incredibly simple and takes only a couple minutes.  

The package consists of the requested wireless headphones, a transmitter, the necessary cables and additional batteries (for +/- 24 hours). You only need one or two source(s) of music. This music source can be, for example, a smartphone, tablet, mp3 player, mixer or DJ console.

Complete with Silent DJ

Do you want to fully outsource your Silent Disco area and it must be a blast? Our experienced all-around Silent DJs have enough experience with parties! We can work it out in a grand way by tending to a whole festival area, or wonderfully light a wedding location and show live music videos on large LED screens. We can also keep it small and turn a living-room party into a great success. Just ask for an offer or enquire about the possibilities.

Silent DJ met benodigde apparatuur

Rent a portable Silent disco

The range between the transmitter and the headphones is +/- 150 metres. This is amply sufficient for most parties and activities. Do you think you will need an even greater range? We also have –for a small surcharge- an extra-powerful transmitter with a range of  +/- 500 metres. We also rent, however, a portable version! Besides the standard package, you also receive then a backpack with the necessary equipment, which can function on the go. The battery in the backpack lasts for +/- 24 hours. Sufficient time for a wonderful walk with your guests, a pub crawl with your colleagues or an amazing bachelor party at the city centre!

The ‘disco in a backpack’  is suitable not only for parties and tours, but also perfectly fine for a guided tour or presentation. Everyone around you stays focused and can hear you loud and clear, even when there is much background noise.

We are based in the Netherlands. We rent out our equipment in Belgium, Germany and ofcourse the Netherlands. 

Phone. +31545-477153

Mobile / Whatsapp: +316 83 44 55 78

punt  You will receive the equipment 1-3 days befor the event. 

punt  We offer 4 options of Silent disco rental

punt  We deliver a free Silent disco mini mixer

Free SILENT DISCO mini mixer (rental)

  Silent disco

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Rent only the equipment
Complete with all-around DJ
The equipment in a backpack
Music on wheels

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 Simone | Alles werkte en was snel geleverd! Al twee keer een enorm fijn feest mee gehad zowel indoor als outdoor perfect bereik. ★★★★

  Willie | Super 25 jarig huwelijks feest gehad! Silent Disco groot succes. Goede service, duidelijke communicatie en perfect materiaal. Top! Bij Feesd.verhuur. ★★★★★

  Myrthe | Was een super verjaardag! 25 koptelefoons gehuurd en helemaal niet duur. Makkelijk thuis gestuurd en duidelijke/goede 24/7 hulp. ★★★★★

 facebook-icon Dimitri | Als DJ gebruikt gemaakt van deze service bij een klant die geen herrie mocht maken. Ideale oplossing en nog creatief ook! ★★★★★

  Frank | Snelle en vriendelijke service, heldere uitleg, reuzeveel plezier. Zoek niet verder, dit is je leverancier! ★★★★★

 facebook-icon Remco | Super gaaf feest op een eiland gehad. Goede kwaliteit en service van Wessel. Aanrader voor eens een ander feestje.  ★★★★


Can I install the equipment myself? Is it complicated? 

You must indeed install by yourself the package you will receive by post. The installation of the transmitter takes only a couple minutes; it is an easy plug-and-play system. Before we send the package, we discuss with you which music source(s) will be used. You get clear instructions from us, including online installation videos. Furthermore, we can be reached by phone 24/7 for eventual questions.

What is the range of the transmitter?

The standard Silent Disco transmitter has a range of up to 150 metres. We also have a more powerful transmitter, with a range of up to 500 metres. Do you want to cover greater distances? Then a portable version may be an option!

How can i rent the Silent disco set?

You can make a booking by phone or per email. We advise you to do this on time in order to be sure that we have the equipment available on the required dates.

If i want to rent the package by post, when will i receive it?

You receive the package 1-2 days prior to the date of the booking. Should your shipment go wrong or if we do not have the equipment available on time, we will personally come to deliver on time!



What is the quality of the headphones and the transmitter?

We use the most renowned Silent Disco headphone on the market. The quality is very good; just read the nice reactions of our customers! On the side of the headphone, you can choose between two channels (when both of them are connected) and the volume can also be adjusted. Furthermore, the size of headphones can be adjusted and you can easily change the batteries yourself. We can also send a mini-mixer free of charge, which ensures a still higher volume and offers the possibility to modify  the high-, low- and midrange. Watch the video of the headphone >

How long do the batteries of the headphones last?

The batteries last for about 24 hours. Furthermore, we always deliver sufficient extra batteries, just to be sure. You can easily change the batteries of the headphones yourself.

When should I return the equipment?

The package should be returned via PostNL on the first working day after the activity, event or party. A free return label of PostNL can be found with the packing slip.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No, we do not calculate a deposit. We work with a rental agreement and payment in advance.

 Martijn | Afgelopen weekend een mysterie weekend georganiseerd voor 36 personen. Via Feesd 20 koptelefoons gehuurd zodat de silent disco traditie voorgezet kon worden. We werden vriendelijk onthaald en kregen keurig uitleg, zelfs nog blij verrast met het extra mixertje erbij. Kwaliteit was goed en we hebben er dan ook van genoten, voor herhaling vatbaar. Dank Wessel. Een aanrader voor een ieder zeker gelet op de prijs en service ★★★★

Silent disco is perfect for a..


  • DJ battle
  • Tour (mobile Silence disco)
  • Party with two DJs at the same time
  • Silent cinema
  • Amazing (video) presentation

Silence headphones rental . two music channels possible. equipment by delivery or complete with silent dj. for small and large parties / events. 

With the headphones you create a ‘quiet party’. The neighbors are not bothered by noise disturbance and via the two channels you can also connect two music sources at the same time. Perfect for a wedding party, birthday party, garden party, gala, 70s, 80s, 90s party, welcome home party, bachelor party, festival tent party, student evening, school party, salsa party, reunion, promotion activity, my sweet 18 party, pub crawl (mobile version) and so on. 

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